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Technical and financial details of our cutting-edge business plan platform. Discover how our advanced algorithms and powerful features generate in-depth reports with precision and accuracy. From financial projections to industry analysis, our software empowers entrepreneurs with the tools they need to make informed decisions and secure funding for their ventures. Explore the rich functionalities and robust capabilities of our platform, designed to streamline the business plan creation process and deliver exceptional results.

What you need to input?

Your Building or Construction Related Needs.

Plant / Machinery Name, Qty and It's Cost

Software / IT Related Requirements

Other assets and Fixture

Monthly Inventory / Raw Material Requirement

Employees You will hire

Expected Sales

* Each section have separate input page, will come on screen one by one.
Multiple input boxes are available in each section if you wish to input more components.
Most components are pre-feeded and can be selected from drop-down menu. Extremely easy to use interface.
Not all sections are mandatory, only fill whichever is applicable to your business.

What will be the output?


online business plan maker

Automated Business Profile

•   Promoter's Profile
•   Business Introduction
•   Service Set-up/Manufacturing Process
•   Government Subsidies
•   Consumer Trends
•   Latest Market Analysis Data

Will be auto included in your business plan

Automated In-Depth Financials

•   Block Capital
•   Means of fund
•   Bank Loan / WC Calculations
•   Raw Material
•   Direct Expenses
•   Administrative Expenses
•   Man Power
•   W.C Requirement
•   Cash Flow Statement
•   Profitability Statement
•   Working Notes
•   Govt. Subsidy in Loan Repayment Calculations

•   Depreciation Calculations
•   Balance Sheet
•   YoY Sales
•   Break even Analysis
•   Segmented Salary
•   CMA Data
•   Balance Sheet Analysis
•   Project Analysis
•   Operation Analysis
•   Ratio Analysis
•   Project Highlights
•   5 / 7 / 10 YoY Projections
•   Moratorium Calculations

create business plan for bank loan
ai generated business plan

Automated Banking Ratio

The smart AI automatically adjust all the ratios to match banking guidelines

•   Break Even %
•   EBIT
•   Project EBIT
•   Project EBITDA
•   DSCR
•   Cash Burn Rate
•   Dis. Cash Flow Statements
•   NPV / NPW
•   PAT + DEP
•   ISCR

•   IRR
•   Current Ratio
•   Debt Equity
•   Acid Ratio
•   Leverage
•   MPBF
•   Return on Tangible
•   Return on Investment
•   & Much More

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